Saturday, July 6, 2013

Independence Day

Martin, often declares that Independence Day is his holiday. Meaning, of all the holidays in the year, it's the only one that he really really gets bummed if something impedes his celebration (namely, and most often - making hay) Luckily (mostly because it's rained every day for the last month) he was not making hay this year and celebrate we did! Coffee for breakfast (ok - just for me and Michelle, Martin went to the barn). Canoeing down the Mighty Oak Orchard while Aubrey and Sylvia played with Mimi and Papa! A pit stop at the lake to see Grandma, Grandpa and for Aubrey to take a boat ride. And ending the day with fireworks!

Aubrey: Booom! Boommm! Oh...A green one!
seconds later...
Mommy, I'm scared...
seconds later...
Oooohh! A purple one!

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