Saturday, July 27, 2013

Liquid Gold

Formula is EXPENSIVE! I commend anyone who can keep up with breastfeeding, but I just never seem to make it work after returning to work. I really beat myself up about it with Aubrey, with Sylvia I was basically expecting the inevitable end of breastfeeding and was slightly less concerned. In both situations, the obvious result is I'm spending ALL MY INCOME on formula. This is obviously an extreme exaggeration, but SO MUCH MONEY! I always get Wegman's brand formula because it is the cheapest formula I can find (and its exactly the same as Enfamil)

On Thursday I purchased some formula and this conversation ensued in the checkout line.

Cashier: (rings up formula, looks at screen, looks back at formula, looks back at screen) Wow. That stuff is expensive.
Me: I know, right? It's like liquid gold.
Cashier: Is that like special formula or something.
Me: Nope, just the cheapest kind you sell.
Cashier: Wow.

My first instinct in this conversation was to give this young boy (who by the way, was still rocking a seashell necklace, in 2013!) a lecture about using proper protection. But I didn't want to be that weird customer who brought up sex in line at the grocery store, so I just let the conversation end with a wow. And besides, he was wearing a seashell necklace, so I'm sure it's not an issue.

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  1. HA! I love this - especially the detail about the seashell necklace. Come on, dude. Yes - stupid formula! The prices are unreal and they go through it so quickly!