Saturday, April 9, 2011

Martin's Grown Up Moment

A couple of months ago, I posted here about the moment that I first felt like a grown up. Somewhat embarassingly, it wasn't that long ago!

Last weekend, Martin came face to face with his grown up moment when we went out with some friends Martin used to work with and hired a babysitter.

After I picked up our local teenage babysitter, gave her my cellphone number, showed her where Aubrey's things were and directed her to the cupboards and refrigerator for any nourishment she might want, Martin and I left for the evening.

About halfway through dinner, Martin must have been thinking about this moment and said,

Getting a babysitter is probably the first time I've ever felt like a grown-up. I guess if we bought a house that would feel pretty grown-up, but this is the first grown-up thing I feel like I've ever done.

And for some unknown reason,it does feel more grown-up to hire a teenager to watch your child than it does to take them to a babysitter all day long while you go to work. I'm not really sure the reason for that, but I think it probably has something to do with the fact that we consider things that are parents do or did during our lifetime to be grownup things.

Graduating from college didn't feel very grown-up to me because I was never alive when my parents did this.
Getting a job didn't feel very grown-up to me because my parents have been self-employed my whole life
Taking Aubrey to a babysitter during the day doesn't feel that grown-up because my parents' never took me to a babysitter.

But hiring a teenager so the parents' can enjoy a night out...

That's something I can relate to. My parents' did that. Very grown-up.

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