Sunday, April 3, 2011

Ready For A Gaggle

So the other day....I briefly mentioned that I might be playing an April Fool's Joke on myself.

You are probably wondering what that joke could possibly be.

In reality, you're probably not curious at all.

But, let's be honest, I'm going to tell you anyway.

You see, I haven't gotten that time of the month in a long time. And I was starting to get kind of worried. Even though I knew it wouldn't be true. Still...there is always that chance. And I was a little anxious. Everytime my stomach moved with hunger or digestion - I was thinking .... there he/she is.

So, naturally, I put off taking a test for as long as possible. Because I knew it was impossible. And then eventually my curiosity got the best of me and I took one. And I won't be having any more babies. at least not in the next nine months.

And then I crawled into bed with Martin and Aubrey to give her her morning bottle.

Me: So. I have this story. I can tell you know because I know the answer.
Martin: What's that?
Me: Well. I haven't gotten my period in a really long time.
Martin: Yeah. I noticed.
Me: You did??? Were you worried??
Martin: No.
Me: Oh. I was a little. But I took a test.
Martin: So are you pregnant?
Me: No.
Martin: Oh.
Me: You wouldn't be worried be worried if I was pregnant?
Martin: No.

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