Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I am getting really excited about our vacation on Thursday! But, I am also getting really nervous. I've spent most of the day stressing over everything I need to get done before we leave (both at work and at home) and there's an ever present knot in my throat from all the nervousness. (Does that ever happen to you, where you get totally overwhelmed for no reason at all? I'm usually pretty good at letting chaotic situations roll off my back, but then sometimes the smallest things can send me into paranoia.) I tend to treat Martin unfairly and irrationally when I get into moods like this, yelling at him for asking a tiny question, etc. So tonight (when I was home for one hour between six and seven to fold laundry, pack and make and eat dinner before heading back into work for a bit) I decided to fix the problem before it arose. I shaped our pizza into a heart! That way, I figured, when I treated Martin unfairly at some point in the next couple of days, maybe just maybe, the heart shaped pizza would compensate.

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