Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wear It Wednesday.

Another new series! I'm seriously on a roll here. When Ingrid was home she really inspired me to become a more creative dresser. I wouldn't really call myself a bad dresser, but I'm a very unoriginal dresser - I find an outfit I like and then I wear it again and again and again. I mean for years.... My favorite sweater I've had since freshman year of high school. I wear jeans until they literally disintegrate. But it's not only the longevity of my clothes that's a problem - it's the actual outfits (the longevity just points towards my general thriftiness which I'm not going to dispute, deny or disavow) When we were in Florida together I realized a skirt and tank top combination I wore on the last day is the exact skirt and tank top that I wore to Martin's brother Gabe's high school 2006. And I've worn that combination countless times in the last SIX YEARS. Clearly, my wardrobe can use a change of scenery. So....I'm trying to switch things up slightly, be a little more edgy with my apparel and create new outfits with my old clothes. help me stick to this goal, I'm starting this Wear It Wednesday series and you can tell me if you love it, hate it, or could take it or leave it.

Last Friday night Martin, Gabe, Ingrid and I went for dinner and drinks at The Crooked Door. I wore a tank top, a yellow cardigan, skinny jeans and heels. This might not seem all that edgy but two years ago I would have never bought skinny jeans. Two months ago I wouldn't have worn them without knee boots over them. And I rolled them a little. Look at me, getting edgy all over the place.

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