Monday, March 5, 2012

A Proud Member of the Case Club

I noticed the other day that my wine stash was running kind of low. So when Martin passed by a favorite local winery of mine on Sunday morning, I yelled out for him to pull in so I could refil my stash. The giant wooden banner hanging above the doorway said closed and we were about to pull away dissappointed when somone opened the door.

"We don't open till twelve, but if you're just buying bottles you can come it"

Then I went inside and picked out ten bottles of wine......

"Oh, you've got to get two more. Then you'll be part of the case club and get ten percent on all purchases. ALWAYS"

Needless to say, it wasn't difficult to twist my arm and I now enjoy ten percent off all my wine purchases PLUS I get free tastings FOR LIFE.

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