Sunday, March 25, 2012


On our recent vacation to Florida I got my first ever pedicure. To call it amazing would be a gross understatement. It was absolutely fantastic! I'm officially hooked (and I secretly knew that was going to happen which is why I've put the inevitable off for so long. I actually was in a wedding last year - shout out to Katie Mason Epstein! and when all the bridesmaids went to get pedicures I went with them but didn't partake. That's how determined I've been to avoid this absolutely in love with pedicures sure I'll get another one before the summer is up situation).

When we arrived in Florida two Thursdays ago, Katie declared that the two things she really wanted to do that day were go grocery shopping and get a pedicure. I wasn't going to argue with that so we headed out. And besides the glorious feeling of someone massaging your legs and the ridiculously amazing massage chairs you get to sit in, it was an added bonus that my feet looked super cute afterwards.

I couldn't stop looking at them and Martin couldn't stop talking about how great they looked. He must have brought up my feet at least four times in the following two days. At one point he even said, If I had a foot fetish I'd totally be into that.

Who wants to join me for my next pedicure?

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