Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Text Messages

A few of my favorite recent text messages (and facebook messages):

Katie Keeler: 132 days til the finger lakes wine festival....I wanted you all to know!!!


Martin: ( from the Verizon store) Are upgrades free if you get the standard phones
Me: (from the parking lot) I don't know. Not all of them. You're the one in the store.


Amanda Ann: Ahh I can't wait to see Aubrey....I've taken up this new thing...called knitting...Yes...I've turned Minnesotan....anyways I'm practicing doing baby sized stuff so I'm working on a hat for her. JORDAN....WE ARE SO EXCITED!
Katie: Ditto! (except for the knitting)


Aunt Martina to Aunt Anne: Have you seen this Dutch trait....LOL (accompanied by this link) http://stuffdutchpeoplelike.com/2011/05/28/dutch-directness/
       and the following comments to the link
Me: I read this to Martin this morning. His response: "So true. Please don't wear this as a badge of honor"
Aunt Anne: Love this article.....and soooo true!!
Aunt Anne: And Jenna, it most certainly is a badge of honor!

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