Thursday, March 29, 2012

Dirt Lovers and Sunscreen

playing in the dirt at an onion field in Florida

Last summer Aubrey wasn't really mobile enough to fully enjoy the joys of the outdoors. A sandbox would have been way more than she could handle. And when the first few days of muddy spring broke around here this year, it seemed that she wasn't a fan of dirt (she would fall onto her wrists so avoid getting her hands dirty) but when we went to Florida a whole new side of Aubrey appeared and it seems our daughter loves dirt. It really was a job trying to keep this girl clean for more than a few minutes.

moats and sandcastles. And of course....dirt!

Also, completely unrelated to Aubrey's love of dirt but definitely just as interesting. Ingrid learned about proper sunscreen application on this vacation. Check out the fingerprints on her legs where she stopped applying lotion. I think spray on sunscreen was made for people like you, Ingrid!

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