Friday, March 30, 2012

Foodie Friday: Fresh Salsa

I'm starting another series called Foodie Friday. Someone recently told me they looked through my blog and was surprised by how few recipes I had posted. For some reason, this really cut me deeply because I have this idea in my head that I have a fairly frequent running rotation of recipes on here. Apparently I don't, but....going forward.....every Friday. I still refer to my blog every single time I make a pizza crust.

When we were in Florida we made fresh salsa almost every day. We averaged a bag of corn chips a day during a stay and I became really really addicted to it by the end. I've always strived for a good fresh salsa blend, but for some reason I have always missed the mark. The recipe Katie and I (mostly Katie) put together in Florida was pure perfection and I wanted I to share it with you.

Roma Tomatoes, chopped into pieces
Onions (we used sweet) chopped into pieces
Jalapeno Pepper (1-2) chopped into very little pieces
Bell Pepper, chopped into pieces
Garlic (optional) 1 clove, minced

....and the crucial ingredient half a Lemon or Lime squeezed and Salt to taste.

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