Monday, March 26, 2012

Lovin' Mondays

I have a million things to post about from our amazing vacation and would have been equally amazing if I were not working post-vacation with Ingrid but today I'm sharing a couple cool things I've found on the internet. This is a new series I'm starting (and hopefully sticking to) called Lovin' Mondays because I's a Monday and being as drab as Mondays usually are, we could all use a little something to love up on.

First off, don't you love this ring??? I'm not usually one for rings (my engagement ring felt really weird to me when I got it and I didn't know if I've ever get used to it) but I love the idea of a wooden ring with some stones. So simple and amazing.

And check out this underwater restaurant in the Maldives. How awesome would it be to eat your lunch while watching hundreds of sea life swim around you? It's definitely made my bucket list!

Happy Monday!

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