Saturday, September 8, 2012

Books. Books. Books.

Remember when I lamented over the fact that Aubrey didn't have the patience to sit through a book. When I was worried that my child would not a reader because she didn't have the attention span to read a book at bedtime, let alone have a favorite.

I have memorized Good Night Moon. Along with a few other favorite Sesame Street Board Books. For someone that has seen Sesame Street a total of three times if at all, that girl really does have a thing for Elmo.

Every night before bed and every morning when we wake up and if its the weekend at least three occasions during the day we read a series of books. 8 times in a row. Don't get me wrong, I love it and I'm thrilled that Aubrey has developed the attention span to sit through Good Night Moon on repeat for a half an hour - but I'm now anxiously awaiting the day when I can read her a really good book - like Harry Potter.

What, you think its exciting that there's a picture of a cow jumping over the moon and three bears sitting on chairs and a quiet old lady whispering hush.....wait until I read you this....straight up Magic!

So, yes, book crisis....averted.

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