Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Aubrey adopted a kitten yesterday. If you ask her what the kitten's name is she will flutter between saying Boots or Kitty or just completely ignoring the question. If you ask her what color the cat is she will tell you red, if you tell her the kitten is orange, she will tell you you are wrong.

I called Martin yesterday around noon to make sure he didn't have any issues getting the stitches from his wisdom teeth removed. He ignored my question and said,

I have some bad news.

I thought he had some bad news.

Me: Oh no, what?
Martin: Aubrey......has........a cat.
Me: Oh, I know. So what's the big deal?
Martin: I'm just not really a cat person.
Me: Well, didn't you have pet cats on the farm when you were growing up. I know we did.
Martin: Yeah, but they were barn cats.
Me: THIS is a barn cat.
Martin: I just thought if we were going to get a pet it would be a dog.

To say that Aubrey man-handles the cat would be an understatement. It's all done out of love....but its not any type of love I'd like to be receiving. Yesterday evening, after an hour and a half of being tormented by Aubrey's love the kitten decided she had enough and was so scared she literally shit herself.....all over Aubrey's arm. It was about this time I decided maybe dinner and a bath would be a good idea.

This evening Aubrey thought she would give the kitten a bath....by dropping it in some fresh mud puddles. Needless to say, if the kitten sticks around until next week - I'll be impressed.

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  1. hahaha! literally laughed out loud at this!

    Aubrey is adorable, cat shit and all...