Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Can we just take a quick moment here to talk about......hashtags? They are everywhere (and by everywhere I mean mostly on instagram but I'm sure their coming to a photo near you soon). I....DON'T....GET.....THEM. I really want to move forward with technology and embrace the hashtag but I just feel like there's a lot of confusion out there about what a hashtag should be.

If you're really in the dark here - a hashtag is that #something that shows up after a photo.

I've seen them done a few ways. Some people use them to catagorize whatever picture they are posting, whether it is by the camera system or filter they used.

I've seen people hashtag every possible subject that could be concluded from the picture. As in:

Look at our new addition! #cats #aubrey #farm #kids #orange #pet

I've seen people try to incorporate the hashtag into the descriptive sentence they are posting, making it almost impossible to read. As in:

New #pet #kitten drinking #freshmilk.

I've seen a lot of people do what I do and avoid the dreaded hashtag altogether.

And then I have one friend who should really be a professional hashtagger.

I'm not really sure how to upload her instagram photos on here, but let me just break down a few of her recent hashtags. We should all take notes. She should teach a college class on the subject.

#stillsummer (next to a picture on the lake taken in September)
#takeaseat (under a photo of a prank false seat performed by a younger brother)
#oceanview #perfecto (under a photo taken from her honeymoon hotel room)
#boatbar #priceless #honeymoon #jealous? (another photo from honeymoon)
#thecamp #drinkingproblems (photo of wine bottles)
#comeback (a photo of Alanis Morissette's new album)
#wilbur #rowdypigs (pigs at the state fair)

I could seriously keep going because they're all so good ..... but the point is that she's really inspiring and I think we should all take a hashtag page from her book.


  1. I agree there is a hashtag epidemic and I don't quite get it either although your post helps to bring some clarity to the issue. Thanks!

    1. I am by no means an expert on this issue. It's quite possible that the advice I'm giving is the completely against the point of hashtags according to their creators. It's just the way I prefer to read them.