Thursday, September 27, 2012

Double Trouble

Brace yourself for a very unconnected post....I've got a couple of different thoughts/pictures I want to share and none of them are really related.

I LOVE the colors of fall. Don't these pumpkins look gorgeous on my mama's stand?

Aubrey's still loving up on the kitty.  It's amazing that cat even lets Aubrey scoop her up on a daily basis.....but for some reason she continues coming back for more toddler love.

She even recruited a friend/sibling to hang out at the farm with her so we are now the owners of two kittens. My mom's dog tried to quickly do away with the second kitten the moment she stepped foot onto his side of the yard, but after a quick scramble up the tree she was able to escape. Of course, then the kitten was stuck in the tree and it really felt like those children's books where the fireman has to come and rescue the cat from the tree. Lucky for us, the fireman's daughter, our neighbor, happened to be over and she climbed up the tree to rescue the kitty for Aubrey. Later that night when we were lying in bed I brought up to Aubrey how nice it was of Alexis to save her kitty.

Aubrey: Uh huh. Vick. oh no! He kills.

And of course is there a better way to "watch" football than curled up under a blanket with your best girl?

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