Friday, September 14, 2012


Lately, I've gotten into the habit of texting my best friend, Caton, whenever there is something exciting going on that somehow brings her to mind.

Me: Wearing my Spiller jersey!
Caton: Yes!!!

Me: Um in a very hungry drive between stores I stopped into a random pizza place in gates. Chicken finger subs that can compete with Barre Deli. Finally!!!
Caton: Yes!!!

Me: You should watch The Mindy Project on Hulu. You can watch the pilot before it airs for another three days. I'm watching right now. Looks like it's gonna be fun
Caton: Yes!!!

It was at this time that I noticed all my messages were bringing the same response.

Me: I think you can probably just get an autoresponse to all my texts because they all elicit the same response. lol
Me: Seriously that has been your response to my last three texts.
Me: Down to the number of explanation points.

I was sort of hoping she was going to keep the party going and respond to my realization with another whole-hearted Yes!!! but she must have been worried that I would actually think she had an autoresponse on my texts because she mixed it up:

Caton: That is so funny.
Caton: I did not even realize!

Anyway, I feel like getting a yes with three exclamation points response to a text message so many times in a row is just extra reassurance that I am awesome friend. Or, at the very least, consistent.

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