Sunday, September 9, 2012

Zac Brown Band

See those two up there? A lot of people think they look similar. Martin, in an effort to be modest did not wear a knit hat to the concert last night and instead stuck with a trusty ball cap, but was still stopped by at least ten people either saying Hey, It's Zac Brown  or asking him what he was doing in the crowd instead of being on the stage (clearly for people to be having those type of thoughts while the actual Zac Brown was on stage there was a significant amount of drinking going down.) In any event, he totally pulled it off. Especially since his beard has grown significantly since the above photo (taken a few months ago, shortly after a haircut) and now more accurately represents the fuller look of Zac Brown.

And the concert itself.....incredible. You forget how many awesome songs someone has until you here him in concert. Hit after hit after hit. Along with a few new ones that haven't been recorded yet but that will be sure to become hits when they are. Also.....his voice. Every song sounded as if it was off a recording. Incredible!

And probably one of my favorite memories of the night was Tom experiencing the smell of second hand pot for the first time. When we arrived at the concert Martin made a mention that he could smell someone smoking. Tom immediately said he had never smelled it before and couldn't pick the smell out of the air. By the drive home he was explaining to us how you can definitely tell the different grade of marijuana by the smell. So in three and a half hours he went from a virgin smeller to classified expert on the situation. That's a pretty good learning curve.

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