Thursday, October 11, 2012

French Dip and the Leftovers

Somehow this is turning into a food blog this week. I guess I've just been eating a lot of delicious food that I really think you should enjoy too! Last Wednesday I made French Dip for dinner. The meal French Dip sounds way to sophisticated to be so easy, but, for some reason it is very easy. It goes like this:

Start in the morning when you're eating breakfast (or in my case after your finished breakfast and you're waiting for your toddler to eat her cheerios faster than one at a time)
Find a crockpot.
Grab a chuck roast.
Salt, pepper, garlic powder on the chuck roast.
Sear all sides of the roast on the stovetop (I'm sure it will turn out fine if you skip this step, I just like to think it helps to hold all the juices in) (Also, Caton, sear basically just means to brown all sides in a pan on your stovetop)
Throw the chuck roast in the crockpot with 2ish cups of water.
Turn the crockpot on low and let sit all day
Come home from work and notice that your house smells amazing.
Shred the roast with a fork and knife. It will fall right apart.
Slice up some of that nice Italian or French Bread you picked up at the grocery store.
Place some meat between the bread.
Ladle some broth into a small dipping bowl.
Dip and Enjoy!

I didn't take any pictures of the original meal of french dip and sweet potatoes. I did take a photo of the following night's meal. French Dip Grilled Cheese.

Take two slice of that nice Italian or French Bread from the previous day and butter one side of each slice.
Place some meat from the previous days dinner along with some mozzarella cheese between the slices.
Grill on the stovetop like you are cooking a grilled cheese.
Warm up a bowl of broth from the previous day's french dip.
Dip your grilled cheese and enjoy!

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