Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Football Sundays

Sometimes lazy Sundays spent at home watching football with your family are perfect......but they usually result in something similar to the above photo. Which is to say, a lot of sleeping, not too much actual game watching and NO social interaction.

So a Sunday spent watching the game WITH FRIENDS is oftentimes a welcome change to a string of family Sundays (don't worry I'm still obsessed with our little family). This past Sunday we went over to watch football with our friend Evan and his girlfriend Lisa. And a few other friends came and joined in on the fun too! It was the perfect afternoon of laughter that I needed. I mean, I still had a less than focused concentration on the game, but thankfully this time it was from talking and laughing instead of sleeping the afternoon away.

Aubrey was absolutely in heaven with three dogs running around the house and the candy corn dish positioned at a coffee table on her level kept her pretty entertained for a while (until I decided that three giant chocolate eyeballs were enough and being an expert unwrapper wasn't a lifeskill she needed to learn just yet). Of course, in all the excitement she refused so succumb to a nap until after the game when her body got the best of her and she past out on the hardwood floor sleeping on the floor and in my arms from 4 till close to 7! (allowing her to do this was really a terrible parenting tip because she was then awake until almost 11 on Sunday night)

A few of my favorite moments of the day:

Melissa: How are you feeling? (reaches out and touches my belly)
Me: Oh, pretty good
Melissa: I'm sorry, I'm going to be one of those annoying people that touch your belly.

Martin passing out and then waking up with an Irish Carbomb in his hand (and for some reason I have a feeling that falling asleep at Evan's but being awoken to do some type of shot has happened before)

Jared: (telling some sort of story that involves a boner) And then you get a (voice goes very high pitched) HONER
Everyone: What are you saying
Jared: I'm sorry, I'm just really uncomfortable with the kid here.
Everyone: She's sleeping!
Jared: Yeah, so anyway.....you get a (voice ONCE AGAIN goes very high pitched) HONER
Everyone: (hysterically laughter)
Jared: It's just weird to say with the kid here!

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