Sunday, October 14, 2012

Playing Footsie

Aubrey has a way of sleeping where no matter how many times in a dead of night sleep you turn her body so it is laying up and down like a normal person in the bed, she will immediately rotate so that she is laying perpendicular to everyone else in the bed and her head is jamming into your back like a knife. Last night Martin got home late from a bachelor party and climbed into bed. foot was touching his across the abyss of our kingsize bed.

Me: Now I know where Aubrey gets her sleeping habits from.
Martin: What?
Me: Your foot.
Martin: Huh?......oh! I thought you were just trying to play footsie with me.
Me: No, that's just where my foot lands when I'm sleeping pretty much in a straight line.
Martin:Hmm. I guess I do have quite a bit of room over here.

*disclaimer: I don't know if that is the exact position Martin's body with, it's just my best guess based on the placement of his head and foot.

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