Friday, October 12, 2012

One Step Forward....(and with only mild embarrassment)

I'm really poor at picking out Martin's truck when he passes me on the road. I'm not good with vehicles (I've mentioned this before) and I'm equally as terrible with giant tractor trailers. It may be a true story that Martin driven with his broad side right across from me when I was stopped at an intersection and then called to pick on me for talking on the phone while driving. It might be a true story that on that particular occasion I could not figure out how he knew I was driving and talking on my phone. It also might be a true story that Martin once told me what exit I was driving by on the thruway to be met by my being totally flabbergasted that he could figure that out, only for him to tell me that I had just passed him.

Needless to say, when I saw a truck with the logo of Martin's work coming I was very excited to seize the opportunity and wave. I was walking into the bank and so happened to be standing quite alone in the middle of the bank parking lot as the truck passed by me. I wanted to make sure Martin saw me so I was waving quite enthusiastically. And he honked! I was so proud of the interaction. Then I called Martin to confirm:

Me: So that was you right?
Martin: Who?
Me: That just drove by?
Martin: If you mean that was me sitting at Peterbilt in Henrietta then you are correct.
Me: Oh man! I was so excited because I thought I waved to you. The driver honked and everything!
(Martin then has me describe the details of the truck to him, which I do)
Martin:  That would be John.
Me: Oh. I've never met John, so he really has no idea who I am.
Martin: Well...maybe he's really puffing himself up thinking pregnant ladies are really into him.

...Later in the day during a completely unsolicited conversation between Martin and John.

John: So I was driving by the M&T in Brockport and someone was waving to me pretty enthusiastically. She was pregnant. Is it anyone you know?
Martin: Yeah...that's my wife.
John: Your wife is pregnant?
Martin: just said it. This is a pretty big day for her though. Usually she doesn't pick our trucks out at all.

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