Friday, August 23, 2013


Aubrey is definitely really into exploring and discovering things. Anything really. She routinely pulls toilet paper rolls out of the recycling to use as telescopes and walks around the house with her hands cupped around her eyes as binoculars. All her made up stories and playing house typically involving someone being saved somewhere, and she's declared she is going to have an adventure party for her birthday - with ice cream and cake and salad (her words, not mine).

But around here, Sylvia is the one making the real discoveries these days. As she crawls better and better every day, she continues to find, discover and uncover more and more objects around her. Watching her inspect, hold and play with things is so exciting and I can't wait till she starts talking and walking so I can see as much into her psyche as I do into Aubrey's stream of consciousness (which seems to always be turned on) on a daily basis!

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