Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sometimes It's Just Too Easy

Our struggles with Aubrey sleeping have been well documents on this site, and while in the last 6 months these have largely disappeared - there are still days when going to bed seems like a much bigger saga than it should ever be.

And then there are other days when it's just so easy you wonder what is going wrong....or when something is going to go wrong.

The other day I was working late and Martin had gone straight from the barn to a church council meeting. After the meeting he gave me a call to see where I was, and since I was still at work - he went to pick the girls up from my mom's house.

Me: How were the girls tonight?
Martin: So easy!
Me: Really? That's good
Martin: When I first got to your mom's Aubrey started crying that she didn't want to go, but then she paused and was like 'Wait. I need to go to bed' and she just left without a fight. Then when I got home we changed her clothes and I started making a bottle for Sylvia. Aubrey said she would meet me upstairs and went to lay down by herself.

I remember how much I hated bedtime as a child and fought to stay up late, so I'm definitely not expecting this to ever be the norm, but I'm still going to cherish every time it does happen!

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