Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Birthday Parties and Bounce Houses

Aubrey had way too much fun for her own good this past weekend. Two parties in two days?!! Unheard of! On Sunday we went to Martin's cousin's for a joint party, but mostly to celebrate her twin boys turning four and a good excuse for a party.

Kendyll, always the mother, was eager to help in my attempts to get Sylvia to fall asleep by pushing her around the yard in the stroller. Unfortunately, Kendyll's driving was enough to disrupt anyone's sleep, even a baby.

Me: Whoa. Kendyll. Watch where you're going. (As I back the stroller off of a tree)
Kendyll: Whoops. Looks like I didn't notice that stump.
Me: Yeah.....that's not really just a stump. That's a tree.

Aubrey is leading this explorer pack into the forest in this picture, but it didn't take long before she declared Jason her noble leader and basically agreed with everything he had to say.

Jason: We're going to get lost in the forest.
Aubrey: Yeah. We're going to get lost in the forest!
Jason: Let's go this way!
Aubrey: Yeah. We're going this way!
Jason: (changes his mind and point in another direction) Let's take this path.
Aubrey: Yeah! (follows right behind Jason) Let's take this path!

And you really cannot go wrong with a bounce house. I'm pretty sure they could provide years of entertainment to a child.

Aubrey ran around in circles yelling, We're getting crazy, boys!

Not pictured is the piñata that Aubrey didn't really understand. The piñata which she would walk up to with the stick and gingerly tap with one hand then run back to me yelling, I hit the donkey, Mama. The piñata which, upon it's final breaking Aubrey made very evident that she has never had to fight with a sibling over candy, because, as every other child loaded their shirt to near explosion with candy, Aubrey politely picked up two pieces of candy and two small bubbles and excitedly brought her spoils over for me to open. She then promptly dumped bubbles all over her hair in a moment of excitement over a balloon.

Ah, birthday parties!

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