Monday, August 19, 2013


On Saturday afternoon, we had the honor of attending the wedding of my (second family) best friend's younger sister, Kerri McKenna. And the wedding was held at a pond. Highlights for Aubrey most definitely included wrestling in the grass with Karalyn, using the port-a-potty 7 times, spending way too much time hanging out by the photobooth (and breaking the wicker chair), sweet corn, two bowls of chocolate ice cream, and watching boys play basketball. One highlight for me (other than the obvious appreciation for true love) was seeing a baby turtle. Like a real baby, just hatched out of the egg, still connected to the yolk, shell laying by it's side, size of a nickel baby turtle. Unfortunately, I didn't have my phone on me at the time and didn't get a picture.

Caton wasn't with me when I encountered this baby turtle on the water's edge with Aubrey because she was busy with maid of honor-type duties. Aubrey and I were some of the first people to see the turtle and a steady group of kids surrounded the area on a pretty consistent basis after our departure.

Caton: So apparently there was a baby turtle at the pond.
Me: Oh yeah! Aubrey and I were one of the first people to see him. It was a real baby. The yolk was still attached. I've never seen one that young! Did you see him?
Caton: No. Some boy I didn't know was charging $1 to see him.
Me: What?!
Caton: He came up to me and asked if I wanted to see a baby turtle and I got excited. He said, 'It's $1' I couldn't believe it and I responded, 'Are you kidding?!' He was just like, 'It's $2 if you want to take a picture'. So I didn't see it.
Caton: Way to capitalize on the birth of a turtle. But I saw this cool frog when I was taking down lights the next day. Want to see a picture?!

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