Saturday, August 17, 2013


I've mentioned that my mother-in-law taught Aubrey how to swim this summer. Now I finally have some pictures to prove it! My mom came to watch swimming a couple weeks back because Aubrey is always talking about her swimming and my mom wanted to see firsthand and she actually (for the first time ever) took some pretty good pictures. I say for the first time ever in the nicest way possible. And I'm only going to take a brief moment to pick on my mom about this because she knows I love her - but she has a really difficult time getting a good picture.

My all time favorite mom picture story: One year we had a square dance in the haymow of the barn. During this square dance my mom took a picture of Martin and Ryan reaching into a Tupperware bowl for some chips or pretzels or something. My mom loved this picture so much she edited it so that it had a caption (hand in the cookie jar) printed on the photo. She then had this picture printed and gave it to Martin. Martin and I looked at this photo for a good couple of minutes before we could figure out why she had affixed the caption to the picture. A huge Lays potato chip bag was engulfing the picture in bright, clear focus. The very dark and small picture of Martin and Ryan in the background was almost indistinguishable.

These photos are great, though! And prove that we are practicing!

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