Saturday, August 31, 2013

Petit Four and Risque

As mentioned, Matt and Judy hosted an amazing wedding! And, almost as much fun as the wedding was the reunion of college friends on Friday night. As we all came into town to celebrate Matt and Judy's love for each other, we met up (we were all sleeping in the same house) and hunkered down for a just our style game night.

We started the evening with Catchphrase were a few of us really showed our intelligence off.

Me: (hits the next button)
Kristin: What are you doing? You can't skip.
Me: I have never even heard of this word. It's risk but spelled R-I-S-Q-U-E
Caton: That's risqué
Me: Oooooh. Right!

Max: Ok. It's a small size.
(various guesses from crowd)
Max: Not 3, not 5 but...
(various guesses from crowd)
Max: Two plus two is...
(various guesses, including four, from crowd)
Max: Ok, a small one of those.
(puzzled looks)
Max: It was petite four.
Crowd: Do you mean petit four? Like from a tea party.
Max: Well, how was I supposed to know that? I've never had a tea party!

Then we moved on to King's Cup, which invariably, the best part is never have I ever.

Kristin: Hmm. Well I used to say never have I ever had a White Russian but then I had one.
Max: (thinking she was talking about people and not the drink) But that's almost all the Russians!

Max: I've never been camping
James: What?! What did you do in high school??? Where did you drink?

nothing like a good game night to make you miss college all over again.

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