Friday, September 20, 2013

Corn Maze Fun!

When you go to a 12 acre corn maze with two adorable toddlers you tend to get adorable pictures.

And lots of playing "Boo" with each other while taking turns hiding behind a stalk of corn.....obviously the ultimate hiding spot.

And if you take directions from the toddlers while chatting with your friend and neither of you are paying the slightest attention to direction then you might be in the maze for 45 minutes. After that 45 minutes, if you're lucky, some employee will happen to cross your path and ask you if you need help getting out. 15 minutes later (following said employee the entire time) when you realize you were not close AT ALL to the end you will exit the maze.

ps. I'm aware this post with no conversation comes on the heels of my conversation only proclamation. I don't care. These pictures are too cute not to share.

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