Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Weddings and Favors

Our good family friend Bailey Hartway Bannister got married to the love of her life Robert Bannister this weekend. It was a cowboy boot kind of wedding so I was definitely waaaay too excited. Also, Bailey looked beautiful. And Martin and I have decided we're moving to Nebraska.....or at the very least - visiting.  Plus, they're beef farmers, so they gave out steak knives as favors (Score!) and the steak knives had their initials on them which also happen to be ours (Double Score!) and we happened to find eleven forgotten knives on tables at the end of the night (Triple Score!/Thanks Katie, Ryan and Karalyn for leaving yours!/I'll give them to you if you want them)

Martin: These steak knives are going to be so great in our kitchen! We are going to clean up when everyone forgets to take theirs home tonight!
Me: That's exactly what I was thinking! And our name starts with B too!
Martin: I am so turned on right now.

As we're headed to our car at the end of the night with 11 knives in tow..

Martin: I wanted to thank Mr. and Mrs. Bannister for hosting such a nice party, but I was too busy searching the tables for discarded knives.

So, Mr. and Mrs. Bannister - officially - Thank you! We had an amazing time!


  1. Ha! Ha! This made my night. You're very welcome, glad you could share the celebration. But give Ryan and Katie their knives...they have a new baby, for goodness sakes! Mrs. B.

  2. ^ I fail to see the association between new babies and knives, Mom. Actually a little alarming when you put it that way...

    Anyway, glad I got to see you briefly, Jenna! One of these days our paths will cross for a longer period of time!!

  3. HA! You girls are hilarious! And yes, we will have to make our paths cross for a longer period of time!!!

  4. I'm not sure if it's the flattery of being mentioned on your blog or the hilarity of you and Martin, but somehow I am totally ok with the fact that you walked away with 11 knives and we walked away with 0. I think the memory of Martin rapping to "Big Butts" in the center of the dance floor makes you more than deserving of your loot. I'm so glad you guys came!
    Love, the new Bailey B. :)