Saturday, September 28, 2013


Setup: Aubrey loves to make everyone lunch in her play kitchen (best roadside find ever!).

Aubrey: Here's your lunch!
Me: What is it?
Aubrey: Oooh. It's a cupcake.
Me: A cupcake for lunch?! We need to eat some fruits and vegetables.
Aubrey: Oh. right! Here's your fruits and vegetables.
Me: Thank you! What type of fruit is this.
Aubrey: I think it's chocolate cake.
Me: That's not a vegetable! A vegetable is something like salad. or eggplant. or squash.
Aubrey: Um. Mom. Stop talking.

Apparently doesn't want to hear the vegetable talk.

Clearly not Aubrey, but due to her lack of speech this cutie is making limited appearances on here!

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