Friday, September 27, 2013

Super Why!

Setup: Aubrey is obsessed with this show Super Why! it's a PBS show, but we watch it on Netflix. I'm pretty okay with her watching this every single morning while I take a shower and then sometimes at night too because they learn letters and spelling and there is always a lesson simple poignant like Sharing is Good! or Don't Waster Water!. Also, between Super Why! and a letter app on my cellphone Aubrey has managed to be able to pick out all capital letters (we're still working on lowercase) and that's something I certainly don't have the skills to teach her. Each episode they have to replace a word in the story to solve the problem. Aubrey has gotten pretty good at knowing which word Wyatt (the main character - get it Super Wyatt?) should replace but they always choose the wrong word on the first try and then choose the right word on the second try. This is the conversation that plays out between myself and Aubrey almost every time she watches an episode.

Aubrey: Yelling at the computer for Wyatt to choose the word. He chooses the wrong word. She runs into the kitchen. Mom! Super Why is not listening to me!
Me: Oh no! Well you better go tell him that you are really smart and he should listen to you.
Aubrey: Yeah. (runs back to computer. They finally choose the correct response. After Aubrey's yelling of course. Runs back to me in the kitchen.) Mom! Super Why is listening to me!
Me: Oh good job! You helped him solve the problem!
Aubrey: Yeah.

Photo from a Super Big Problem. A broken crayon.

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