Thursday, September 5, 2013


Me: Aubrey, it is getting late. We better get to bed before you turn into a pumpkin!
Aubrey: Oh no! Is the Ditchen going to turn me into a pumpkin?
Me: (thinking she said Kitchen) Yeah, sure. We better get upstairs!
Aubrey: Oh no! We better hurry.
Me: Ok, let's put some pajamas on.
Aubrey: Mommy. HURRY! The Ditchen is going to get us!

upstairs, in the bathroom.

Aubrey: The Ditchen is going to get me and turn me into a pumpkin. And that's not good. And the Ditchen is going to turn all my toes into a boo boo. And won't be good either. I have to get to bed before the Ditchen gets up here! The Ditchen is not nice! And that is not good. We need to make her nice again.

I've never met this Ditchen, but she sure did make for an easy bedtime tonight.

update: Apparently she was not saying Ditchen but Witch. I figured this out when she told me she had to break the Witch's wand in half before bed tonight.

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