Monday, September 9, 2013

A Little Bit Cranky

Setup: Aubrey is attempting to "play" with Sylvia by getting her to crawl faster by pushing her butt forward until she falls forward face-planting onto the ground, repeatedly. She then decides she wants to hold Sylvia and lays on the floor on her back with Sylvia laying across her chest crying her eyes out.

Aubrey: Why is my sister crying. I think she is a little bit cranky.
Me: I think she's crying because you are hurting her.
Aubrey: Yeah. I need to be a little gentle. Then she will not cry. I am sorry Sylvia. I will be gentle.
Sylvia: continues with a slight wimper.
Aubrey: I told her I was sorry and she is still crying! I think she is just a little bit cranky!

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