Monday, September 2, 2013

Five Years, Five Clues

we had a surprisingly difficult time taking a picture of ourselves where one or the other or both of us didn't look like a complete creeper. Or high. We're apparently the absolute worst at taking a selfie. (sidenote: I absolutely hate the word selfie which has recently been added to the Oxford American Dictionary - great going, America.) This picture above is basically the best of the worst.

For our anniversary on Friday night, Martin and I went on a scavenger hunt of sorts. I was inspired by my dear friend Katie Mason Epstein whom sent her husband on a scavenger hunt for their anniversary and lead him to Taylor Swift tickets. While I was pretty sure I didn't have any grand plans for an "end of the hunt" surprise, I thought making the scavenger hunt the present would be a good idea also. So I planned an evening full of activities and each stop along our date was preceded with a clue leading Martin in the right direction. I thought the clues were hard enough to not spell it out, but easy enough that Martin would get them right away.....I was wrong. My first clue: "Let's start tonight off with a bet. Be on the look out for big hats" It took some considerable coaching before Martin realized we were going to the horse races.

But, after some mild confusion over which race they were on, how to bet, how to win, who to bet on etc. We did place a $2 bet. And, even though it was only $2, Martin made sure to throw his ticket on the ground as if he had lost our children's college tuition in the race. A realistic enough impression that the woman standing next to us wished us better luck on the next race as she walked away.

At dinner, the table behind us started discussing Full House and Martin had all he could do not to jump out of his chair and join the conversation, especially when the men at the table had never heard of the show.

And at the bar, our Guinness had a perfect shamrock drawn into the foam.

Five Years. Five Clues. One Successful Night.

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