Thursday, September 26, 2013


Setup: I love our house, but like any old house, there are some really annoying things about it. Like the basement door that sticks and rarely opens. Yesterday I was caught yanking on the basement door by Martin who quickly put a stop to my method.

Martin: Whoa. Whoa. Whoa! Don't do that. Let me show you. If the door doesn't open put your hand like this and apply even pressure here and just like that you can slowly pull it open.
Me: (looking at him dubiously as I know this is a method I will probably not be able to recreate) Ok.
Martin: Because if you do what you're doing one of these days your going to break off the bottom hinge and you know I'm not going to fix it and then....well that's it, you know I'm not going to fix it.

Point well taken. As evidenced by the door to our recycling cupboard which Aubrey leaned on and knocked out of the wall within the first couple months of living in this home.....We still have a doorless cupboard.

But. There was the lightswitch he replaced back in the spring.

Matt: Take a picture so you can remember Martin doing home repairs.

Oh Matt, you know my husband so well!

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