Wednesday, July 27, 2011


 Aubrey has been growing up so much lately, I feel like I can hardly go to work for ten hours in fear that she'll be a completely new person when I return.

 Two weeks ago, she got really proficient in crawling. Now, suddenly she's standing up!

 It's been really tough on Martin who is typically gone a couple days a week for work. On the week she started crawling, Martin didn't see her from Sunday afternoon until Thursday night. In those four days she went from barely crawling to zooming all over the house.

 Martin joked about her quick learning, I feel like next week I'll come home and you'll be sitting down having a conversation with her about cramps.

 She solidly stood up by herself with no help from anyone for the first time on Sunday in church (much to the amazement and joy of all the older people in the congregation)

 No you can't keep a good girl down! (sung to the tune of you can't keep a good dog down from All Dogs Go to Heaven)
PS. Is that skirt adorable or what?

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