Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas is Coming: Oh Christmas Tree

There's a lot going on around here, a family trip to Chicago, Martin's 27th birthday, but I am really in the Christmas spirit this year - so, until that magical day this blog is going to be all about the holiday!

First Up: The Tree!

I'm not sure if you remember our Christmas Tree Scandal last year, but suffice it so say - we had a few difficulties.

This year, we were really excited for a glorious comeback!

We headed to our favorite farm stand (Harrington's, my previous employer!)

Martin spent a lot of extra time inspecting the tree to make sure it would stand this year for the whole season.

And we found a winner!

Because everything we do is typically as complicated and drawn out as it can possibly be, the night of the tree purchase was not the same night as the tree putting up which also happened to not be the same night as the decorating of the tree. If you're following all that - it took us three seperate nights to get the tree up from start to finish. But that's what the holidays are about - making memories. So, the first night we bought the tree and then had dinner with my family. By the time they left - Martin crashed into bed before they had safely made it out the door and I realized the tree would not be going up that night.

Then, on a seperate night, we put the tree into the stand. This year Martin used a lot of baling twine to reinforce the tree this year for added security

And then we pushed it into place and cut the wrap off.

This probably would have been a good time to decorate the tree, but given our previous tree disasters we thought it might be better to test the waters and see how long she stood before making such a large commitment as putting up ornaments. So we waited.......a week. And went on a four day vacation to Chicago.

Oh Christmas Tree!

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