Thursday, December 8, 2011

A First Birthday

Martin and I were really excited for Aubrey's first birthday on Thanksgiving Day. I made cupcakes. A smash cake. And a cake in the shape of a one! On thanksgiving morning we were so caught up in the blissful state of frosting Aubrey's various cakes our only thoughts were on all the different colors of frosting we could make with just four bottle of food coloring.

Then my brother Alex was the first person to walk into the party that evening.
Alex: Why did you make Aubrey a penis cake?
Me: What???!!
Alex: That cake looks like a penis.
Me: It's a one!

And then my best friend, Caton, showed up
Me: How does that cake look to you?
Caton: I think it looks a little inappropriate

But, setting aside the fact that Aubrey's cake was a definite fail and the jokes about how it would be a better cake for her 21st birthday rather than her 1st, it really was a lovely birthday

Kendyll did an excellent job helping Aubrey open her presents. And an even better jon showing them off to everyone.

And, although Aubrey didn't really dig into and smash her cake - she did really seem to enjoy it.

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  1. I seriously almost peed my pants when I read this post...