Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mary, Joseph and Jesus

You might remember this post when Martin called to tell me about our starring roles in the upcoming church Christmas play.

...Well....the play came...and went. It was actually quite a success. I'd say we really lucked out because we didn't have to actually say anything. We pretty much just wandered around like mimes while the play was narrated in the background. This turned out to be very fortunate because we missed the rehearsal while we were in Chicago the weekend before.

moments before the play is supposed to start while we're sitting in the back of the church in our Mary and Joseph attire
Martin: I think they actually think I am Joseph....I think people really think I'm Joseph.

Of course, I think the best part about the play was how supportive our families were. My parents were there. My grandparents were in town. Martin's mom was there. Martin's sister Megan and her two kids were in attendance. Martin's Grandma was there. Martin's sister Gretchen and her daughter were there. It was crazy!

Aubrey was pretty great throughout the entire show and a stellar baby Jesus. I was really crossing my fingers on that one since this meant missing her morning nap in conjunction with being a presentable and adorable baby in front of a crowd of people all at the same time. Luckily, the only time she cried was when a woman in our church took her away from Martin and I and stood with her in the closet on the side of the altar while Martin and I were journeying to Bethlehem before I had given birth to Jesus. But, like one woman pointed out to my mom,

You'd cry to if someone took you away from your parents and shoved you in a closet.

Mom: Isn't Aubrey doing such a great job?
Kendyll: No. She keeps trying to throw straw out of the manger onto the ground. I think I should be baby Jesus next year!

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