Saturday, December 31, 2011

Pea on your Face

After speaking with Caton last night, I realized I have really been neglecting this blog. There are so many great stories and moments in my life that I have completely disregarded posting about. My sincerest apologies for that. Because during this conversation Caton also mentioned that she loves making appearances on this blog, I figured I would start with a story involving Caton as the star role. This conversation took place when Caton was over for dinner the week of Christmas.

Aubrey is happily eating peas and one sticks to the side of her mouth and remains there for most of her meal.

Caton: Aubrey, you "pead" on your face. (proceeds to laugh very heartily at her own joke)

a few minutes later I am sweeping up the countless peas that Aubrey has dropped on the floor throughout dinner.

Caton: Aubrey, you "pead" all over the floor.  (once again, laughs very heartily)
Me: That is the second pea joke you've made and you laughed really hard at both of them.
Caton: What can I say, I crack myself up!

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