Saturday, December 24, 2011

Giving Gifts

While I love spending time with family and celebrating the birth of Jesus and the real meaning of the season, I also really love giving gifts to people. Especially when I have a really good idea in my back pocket. I usually try to keep my gift list on the smaller side so that I can concentrate on getting gifts that people will really love and that will really make me happy to give rather than giving a gift just to give it. This year I am so so so excited about most of my gifts. I'm just going to post about my absolute favorite gifts that I gave this year.

My mom is going on vacation to South Africa in February (I'm so jealous) and the friend she is visiting told her to bring lots of pictures of the family and farm. Aside from the fact that this book is completely amazing and would be completely worth having without a reason, this will be the perfect travel size photo album to bring with her to Africa. Also, it will be AMAZING on the coffee table when she returns.

photo from via google images

For my dearest friend, Caton, we have had a growing obsession with sushi in the last few years. So for Christmas, I got us a sushi making class at the NYS Wine and Culinary Institute! I am so very excited about this. (I think it's as much of a present for myself as it is for Caton) I'll be sure to share about it next week when we attend.

from google images

And....this last AMAZING. I think it's okay to post this now for various reasons. The first beign that Martin doesn't read this blog. The second being that at the time I am scheduling to post we should already be Tailgating at the Buffalo Bills Game! I am seriously so excited to surprise Martin with this present on Christmas Eve morning. He loves the Buffalo Bills and has for his entire life but has never been to a game. I can't wait to share stories of every detail of the day.

And to just reiterate how much Martin loves the Buffalo Bills.

actual quote from Martin's first grade journal: Go Bills! Go Go Go Bills Bills Bills! Go Bills!

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