Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Sylvia is officially three weeks old today! She's practically an adult! As of Monday she was eight pounds and three ounces so solidly over her birthweight and growing like a weed. The doctor was actually completely shocked by how much weight she had gained, but what can I say....I clearly have supermilk and I grow big eaters. Ha.

In other news. I realized I never posted Aubrey's two year stats from her doctor's visit a few months ago. And since Aubrey is really excited to tell most people her height and weight, I figured I should probably indulge you as well. Aubrey is 30 pounds and 3 feet tall. Apparently two years old is the year of three's for her.

Aubrey is also still insanely excited to have a little sister and shouts She smiled at me at least 18 times a day. I'll be really excited when Sylvia actually starts smiling at her so she doesn't look like such a crazy person shouting that a sleeping baby is smiling.

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