Thursday, March 10, 2011


On Sunday afternoon, we stopped in at Martin's parents' house for a few hours. My happened to be spending the day there so we got the added bonus of hanging out with them (even though I have since learned that Kendyll was the Trojan Horse who got me sick) Kendyll loves babies and is always really excited to see Aubrey. She is seriously really good with kids too. And when I say really good, I mean - she's three and she's probably better than me. And I actually have a kid of my own. So Kendyll really wanted to get a picture of her holding Aubrey since it's one of her favorite things to do.

Of course, It took a few tries because Aubrey takes after her father *ahem, martin* and can't seem to take her eyes off the tv when there is one playing in the background.

And then Kendyll thought it might be better if she held Aubrey up for the camera. Which resulted in not being able to see Kendyll's face.

We did, eventually get a cute one. With both girls looking at the camera!

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