Friday, March 18, 2011

Lucky Day

On Tuesday afternoon, I pulled out of work excited to play outside for the first time in months because it was a beautiful 50 degree day!And I don't know about you, but for me I find something really fun and relaxing about driving in nice weather. So, for once, I was pretty stoked about my 40 minute commute.

And what could make a 40 minute commute on a gorgeous day even better???

Iced Coffee! from Tim Hortons (home of the best coffee ever!)

I rummaged through my change and decided that yes, I could treat myself to an iced coffee

Coffee Boy: Here you go. Have a great day!
Me: O wait. I haven't paid yet.
Coffee Boy: Oh. no one took your money. Well. You can just have it. Congratulations.

Seriously!!? Free Iced Coffee. I mean. I really hope this boy never applies for a job from me because I won't be able to hire him on account of the fact that I know he gives away free products, but it sure did make my day.

And in a weird way, I feel like I know need to do a better job supporting Tim Horton's to make up for the free coffee I was given

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