Thursday, March 31, 2011

Flat Stanley

On Sunday Martin, Aubrey and I went to visit Martin's sister, Jen, and her family. Jen is an absolutely amazing sister-in-law and I always love to visit her. Unfortunately, it never seems like I see her enough. Jen and her family had Flat Stanley visiting from the second grade class of one of their other nieces. (Flat Stanley is a paper doll that travels around the country to different kids families so the kids can learn about geography, etc.)So Aubrey got a picture with Flat Stanley to be sent into the school. She's famous already!

As a sidenote: Jen makes the most amazing fried potatoes know to man and I could probably have eaten my weight in them on Sunday had their been enough to allow for that.

Another sidenote: I had to keep this picture small because for some reason the pictures in my last few posts have been getting kind of squished down and I don't really know what is going on and it is extremely frustrating but my technological skills are seriously lacking. And that's no joke. I used to just not watch movies at my parents' house because it was easier than figuring out the dvd player. And no, when I say used to that doesn't mean I've learned how to work it and really progressed in my technological skills. It just means they've since gotten a new dvd player that is easier to navigate. Anyway...if you know how to fix this issue, please inform me!

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