Monday, March 14, 2011


I actually bought that truck twice. Little known fact. I bought it the second time after I sold it to my best friend and then after he put in new brakes and raised it up I bought it back from him for less than I sold it to him for. ....yeah.....he wasn't that smart.

I think I sold everything I ever owned to him. I sold him my truck, three different three-wheelers. And he gave me a sega game system.

Last week they had a family reading night at my school. So (person) shows up by himself. And he doesn't have any kids in school. He was just standing there talking.

Matt: I don't think  I can finish this. It's supposed to be a double quarter pounder but that seems like way more than a quarter pounder.
Martin: (who ate the same meal) Oh come on, I'm eyeing up the rest of her sandwich

just a few conversation highlights from dinner out with Jenny and Matt on Saturday night.

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