Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Best Subs in the World

For the past few months whenever the word subs, or good food, or bread, or gas stations, or just about anything halfway relatable comes up - Martin takes the opportunity to tell us about this amazing sub shop in a gas station and how it makes the best subs he has ever had.

A few weeks ago he even tried to get me one and left six inches in his lunch pail and then ran to the kitchen with me when I got home from work so I could try it. Sadly, the bread was hours old and cold by this point so, while it was good, it basically just tasted like your average sub.

On Sunday morning I suggested we go on a family field trip to try these amazing subs I had heard so much about. It's not super close to our house, but I'm always up for a Sunday drive and this seemed like a great excuse to go on one. So we set out for the Valero on the corner of 63 and 36 (which are both north/south roads that intersect each other - that's a whole other anamoly I can't explain)

And we got The Best Subs in the World. The bread. It's amazing. It's fresh and warm. Absolutely decadant. And the flavor of the toppings and the oil and the mayo and the meat just blend right into the bread in the perfect way. It really was an experience and absolutely amazing.

Aubrey thought it was delicious too!

And then, a cashier came over and gave Aubrey a cupcake! Which Aubrey loved (the girl has a thing for chocolate). As soon as she saw the cashier approaching with the treat her eyes got huge and excited. Then when we set it on the table she approached in cautiously at first, just scooping up a small bit of frosting with her finger. And then finally, diving in and devouring the entire thing.

Anyway.....for the best subs in the world....go to the corner or 63 and 36.

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