Monday, February 27, 2012

Running on E

On Friday I forgot to bring my purse to work. So when my low gas light lit up early in the day I had no choice but to keep driving.

Me: I've gone 27 miles with my low gas light on so we'll have to get gas before church.
Martin: Ok. Should we get gas in Albion or Medina.
Me: Why? What's the difference.
Martin: Well I don't want to run out before we get there.
Me: Oh, I think it's fine. I was talking to Kate about it and she said she has gone much much farther with the low gas light on.

On the way to Medina

Martin: How far have you gone with your low gas light on before?
Me: I think about 35 miles
Martin: Oh. We're going to blow that outta the at least five miles.
Martin: How much gas do you usually get in it?
Me: Umm. fifteen gallons. I've gotten sixteen before.

A few seconds later

Martin: How many gallons does your tank hold?
Me: Umm. hang on a sec...

I Rummage through glove compartment for owners manual. This takes a little bit of time because I spend the first couple of mintes looking through a warranty manual before I realize I'm looking in the wrong book.

Me: 18.5 gallons.
Martin:(clearly extremely nervous about the whole situation)  Oh. Man! Nothing like getting the ole' heart pumping
Me: What do you mean? That's so much more than I thought. I bet we could go a lot farther.

A minute or two later. At this point we're almost in Medina

Martin: This needle is waaay below the E.
Me: Oh, we'll be fine. Besides, it's pretty much all downhill from here.
Martin:  I feel like it's dropped significantly since we started.

30 seconds passes. I can literally see the gas station from where we are.

Martin: (with a sigh of relief) Ok. I think it went back up a little bit.

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