Friday, February 10, 2012

Sea Turtle

On Saturday night we went to a charity bowling tournament. Martin's mood improved a lot when he learned that a "no tap tournament" does not imply that the tournament is dry and he has since declared that he is going to start going to a lot more charity bowling tournaments. My bowling skills are seriously lacking and I regrettfully report that I didn't even break 100. Martin managed to break 100 in two out of the three games despite his first four rolls going straight for the gutter and a few wasted rolls on tricks between the legs that also, headed to the gutter.

Aubrey came with us and spent the majority of the evening trying to walk down the track. So I spent the majority of the evening chasing after Aubrey and scooping her up before she could get onto the bowling area. Martin said she was like a sea turtle who just keeps going back to the sea no matter how often you pull her away. As we were leaving, a band was just starting to play and Aubrey was mesmerized. She stood inches away from the players, not losing concentration and clapping her hands and shaking her body to the rhythm.

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